How it works

  • By equally dividing the towing force, the pull is reduced by 50%.

  • We lower the pull from the mainline to the body’s centre of gravity.

    It becomes easier to get a correct posture and gain control and balance

  • While skiing, the actuator cord is slack. When you release the handle,

    the cord goes in tension and automatically opens the quick release

  • The tow-system is equipped with an automatic quick release.

    Letting go or losing hold of the handle will immediately release

    the connection to the harness.

  • Automatic Quick Release - one click and you are ready to go!

    To connect simply unite the two parts by snapping in and moving the grip in look position to secure the quick release

About us

The inspiration to develop a brand new system for towed watersports is a result of the passion of its inventor Norman Weiss. Since childhood, he has practiced it in his “second home” Cape Reamòl by Lake Garda, in Italy. This also explains our brand name. This region is considered a real Mekka for water sports and attracts many enthusiasts from all over the world. This is where the idea was born and where most test rides have been performed....