Disabled water skiers now enjoy even more thanks to the Wake & Ski Harness!

The 2015 Disabled World Water Skiing Championship ( www.DWWSC.org ) was held last September 20-27th in California and Cape Reamol was present supporting the great athlete Rob Oakley from Australia who raced wearing the CR Wake & Ski Harness!

Our CR WAKEBAR as well as the CR Wake & Ski Harness have been proudly approved by the International Disabled Committee, which means that also disabled skiers can confidently use our products to improve their performance and enjoy even more when riding because the pull from the mainline is reduced by 50%.

We highly recommend it for various disabilities such as arm and hand ones because it is very easy to hold the handle with one hand only.

Our dear friend and fan, Matthew Oberholtz, the Tournament Director, was enthusiastic about the disabled athletes’ and general public’s interest in our products, and so are we!

For further information contact us at info@capereamol.com