Q:   How does the connection to the harness is released?

A:   The tow-system is equipped with an automatic quick release. Once you release the handle, it will immediately release the connection to the harness.

Q: What happens if I fall when using the WAKEBAR?

A: As with any normal waterski-handle, you should just let go off the handle. There is no other action required.

Q: What happens if the quick release would fail to release?

A: For the unlikely event that the quick release should fail to release, we equipped our connector with a weak link to limit the maximum impact on the harness to the nominal maximal breaking load. You find more info in our User’s manual (look for it on the “PRODUCTS” section of our website).

Q: Will the CR system make it easier for me to perform the Waterstart?

A: It helps a lot as you get a lift at your hips and you will need only the half of the strength to hold on to the handle. Of course, you will still need to learn the technique, but the CR WAKEBAR gives you more control to try as much as you wish because of the reduced pull on the handle, so you will not get tired that fast.

Q: Can I wear my lifejacket on top of the harness?

A: Yes, it is possible to wear the lifejacket over the harness but you may need to let the lower closing belts a bit wider open. While a regular lifejacket would be too bulky to wear under the harness, a thinner vest could be worn under the harness in a comfortable way.

There are currently in the market specially designed vests and jackets suitable to wear with a harness, you can find them in almost every kite or windsurf shop.

The Kite vests are different from the wakeboard ones, they have been designed to fit well under a harness, they are much slimmer and less bulky. They are tailored to give space for the hook in front of any regular surf harness (Example: http://www.ion-products.com/water/men/vests/)

Q: Can disabled people (one arm and/or weakened arm) use the CR WAKEBAR to perform towed watersports?

A: Definitely yes! We have seen disabled beginners with combo skis and advanced wakeboarders as well, it works in a totally different way compared to other solutions. The pulley block not only reduces the effort but it also lets you move freely and is not limited to a fixed solution as the Delger sling.

More FAQ’s are coming soon, come visit us often!