CR Waist Harness


High quality CR waist harness available in S/M/L/XL/XXL

You buy this item when you need an aditional harness in another size.Familiy packages available, if you buy this item togeter with the WAKE HARNESS SET

Harnesses show a great variety of possible applications for watersports. Widely used in sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing – with the CR-tow-system we introduce the first harness for waterskiing & wakeboarding

First part of the automatic Quick Release is slidably connected to the harness

One-half of the towing force acts at a central region of the body well absorbed by this professional and comfortable waist harness.

In contrast to a rigid spreader bar with hook, commonly used with wind and kite surfing, the pulling force is absorbed by a flexible leader line, which is connected to both sides of the waist harness. It is a leader line because the actual connecting piece consists of a pulley. This pulley is mounted to the line, which allows for free movement from right to left and back. This guarantees that the torque is always directed centrally to the longitudinal axis of the body and no unwanted rotations occur.

CR Waist Harness