About Us

The inspiration to develop a brand new system for towed watersports is a result of the passion of its inventor Norman Weiss. Since childhood, he has practiced it in his “second home” Cape Reamòl by Lake Garda, in Italy. This also explains our brand name. This region is considered a real Mekka for water sports and attracts many enthusiasts from all over the world. This is where the idea was born and where most test rides have been performed. Norman started realizing his vision in 2010. Motivated by the popularity of watersports and trends in the international market, he tested then the first prototype.

In the same year, the CR handle system was filed as a US patent, which was successfully approved three years later, in August 2013.
Today Cape Reamòl, a young start-up, is growing and becoming a modern company, however it is determined to preserve its original drive and passion. We are currently extending our horizons and developing innovative products that will aid to improve the performance and enhance the experience of practicing sports.

Our Mission at Cape Reamòl

To offer everyone, from first-time users to advanced skiers, the freedom to focus on the pleasure of riding while making half the effort to perform it, because holding on to the handle is a requirement, not the main reason for practicing this sport.
We aim to make towed watersports fun and enjoyable, safe, approachable and easier for everyone.

Our product is unique in the market, a total game changer because it transforms the way people practice towed sports such as wakeboard and ski, by enhancing not only the performance but also the satisfaction.