WAKEBAR + Waist Harness


What is new about this patented invention is the combination of a comfortable and highly loadable waist harness as well as an ingenious handle system. Both parts are connected with a tow system. The connection of the handle and the harness to the mainline is conducted over a pulley, using the well-tried principle of the pulley block. The resulting reduction of the physical effort needed on the handle by 50 %, relieves the arms and back considerably. Moreover, the pulley ensures an even distribution of the towing force on the handle and the harness, which works favourably on the whole body. Half of the entire towing force acts on the harness, which means it is in a much lower position on the body and therefore closer to the waterskier’s centre of gravity. This makes having good posture while skiing easier and the skier has better control.

The system is only complete with the specially designed automatic release mechanism (automatic quick release). This immediately breaks the connection to the waist harness as soon as you let go of the handle and the actuator cord, which hangs slack during the ride, becomes tight. The CR handle system remains attached to the boat. Apart from the really simple operation the quick release contains an integrated weak link, which guarantees additional safety for the skier.

WAKEBAR + Waist Harness

How it works

  • By equally dividing the towing force, the pull is reduced by 50%.

  • We lower the pull from the mainline to the body’s centre of gravity.

    It becomes easier to get a correct posture and gain control and balance

  • While skiing, the actuator cord is slack. When you release the handle,

    the cord goes in tension and automatically opens the quick release

  • The tow-system is equipped with an automatic quick release.

    Letting go or losing hold of the handle will immediately release

    the connection to the harness.

  • Automatic Quick Release - one click and you are ready to go!

    To connect simply unite the two parts by snapping in and moving the grip in look position to secure the quick release