Hook in,  Hang loose!

This is a whole new way to ride, this is FREERIDE!
If you love great carving turns then this is for you. From the great success of the "Surf-Harness"  in Kitesurfing we are now launching a whole new riding category.
Our US patented WAKEBAR together with a Surf Harness is about to write a new chapter of towed watersports. Our unique way to get the pulling force so well distributed between the handle and the Surf-Harness opens unprecedented riding techiques.

Our WAKEBAR is a very versatile tool which will satisfy the entire family no matter what board/ski, age or level.  



The higher pulling angle at the cable can be controled more efficiently by hooking in to a waist harness.
The steeper towrope replicates the Kite-Surf condition, we believe that Cable Parks could win the Kite community by offering this new option to ride with a harness!